Asset Management

We approach asset management as if we owned the property ourselves. We evaluate, execute due diligence, set goals and continually monitor the properties to ensure maximum financial outcomes for our clients.

Cash flow Analysis

  • Project financing alternatives
  • Perform analysis of current and historical operating statements
  • Rent roll analysis
  • Project investment returns
  • Review market studies
  • Provide recommendations to increase revenue, reduce expenses and maximize cash flow

Due Dilligence

  • In-depth submarket analysis on rental and sales comparables
  • Feasibility and return-on-investment (ROI) analysis for value add enhancements (interior and/or exterior)
  • Arrange for third party inspections including: termite inspection, structural inspection, Phase I environmental
  • Lease audit of all resident files
  • Exterior grounds and overall building inspections
  • Research code and parking space compliance
  • Conduct interviews of existing employees to help identify issues and enhancements
  • Review crime reports, work order log, and actual utility bills
  • Review all property contracts and recommend revisions for revenue enhancement
  • Financing alternatives recommendations
  • Property tax analysis and forecast
  • Prepare a preliminary operating budget/business plan for the asset

Asset Mangement

  • Monitor and control the financial condition of the property, provide monthly operating reports to include Executive Summary, detailed financial reports, physical condition of property, marketing program
  • Create, implement and supervise capital improvement programs
  • Negotiate all third party vendor contracts ( laundry, food, cable, office machines, facilities management, exterminator)
  • Review and negotiate all third party property contracts (laundry, cable, landscape, pool, pest, copier, etc.)
  • Review and approve real estate tax matters including preparing tax protest documentation
  • Monitor financial management and accounting policies. Cash management, internal control, and reporting procedures are reviewed regularly
  • Review property manager reports with emphasis on variances from budgets, accounts receivable, and compliance with the business plan
  • Review and negotiate insurance policies ensuring optimal coverage by quality rated companies at lowest cost